Saturday, November 12, 2005

Wide Awake

Why is it that the only day I can sleep in (Saturday) I'm awake and everyone else is still asleep. On Saturdays we usually alternate who gets to stay in bed, and then after that person gets up the other can go back to bed if they want. Well today my husband said he would get up with the kids! How wonderful of him. Well it's 7 AM and I'm up! My toddler got up once, to check up on us (as my husband calls it). He's pretty easy to get back to bed, we just walk him in his room and put his cover on him and he's good to go. My infant on the other had hasn't woken up all night and is still sleeping! So why am I up? I'm tired, but for some reason couldn't sleep, so I figured I'd get out of bed instead of tossing and turning and ruining my husbands sleep. So the house is as quite as a mouse, besides the hum of the computer and I'm awake! It's funny that this usually happens to me. The days I have to get up when the kids get up I'm exhausted and feel like I could sleep for hours. But on the day that I actually get to stay in bed and get as much sleep as I want, well scheduled around feedings for B, I'm awake. It just seems that is always how my luck goes. My toddler is usually up by 6:30 and he's still asleep! How nice of him! And B was nice enough to let me sleep on not wake up to eat, which she does fairly often. Now only if my body would be so kind. I guess I have stuff on my mind of all the things I need/want to get done today (go figure). Well hopefully next weekend my body will be kinder and my kids will sleep just as good.

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