Friday, December 12, 2008

Girl Time

Well as some of you know I've been trying to get more healthy. I've been working pretty hard and decided a while back that I would reward myself with a haircut when I got to a certain weight. I got REALLY close (a tenth of a pound away) and my husband decided to reward me anyway for working so hard and being patient. I decided to make a girls day out of it and took Baluga with me, she was excited to get her haircut as long as she didn't get it cut like a boy. So here we are minutes before walking out the door with our somewhat long hair.

She had me go first so she could see what to expect. She did a good job, while she waited for me to get my haircut, since it took awhile. She was so good for being just three. It finally got to be her turn, and this is her getting her hair washed.

Can you say spoiled, going to salon and only being 3, I think she looks like she is liking it too much!

Here she is getting her hair combed before the cut and our friend Amy, who cut our hair. She is married to one of the hubby's work partners, so it was nice to talk to someone who really knows what it is like.

Getting ready for the first cut.

Here is Baluga getting her hair done after it was all cut.

So here is the final product. Between the two of us we got about 18 inches cut off. I think it turned out pretty cute, and I'm glad to get rid of the hair.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Something Special

Before Speedy was born we knew that there was going to be something special between him and his siblings, because of blessings that our older two children got before he was born. With Speedy and Stir Fry some of those special things are quiet easy to see. Like tonight for example, which is why I'm blogging. We were getting the kids ready for bed and Speedy was getting his drink of water after brushing his teeth and wanted to keep his cup. Well it was time for them to go to bed, everyone was ready. So Speedy went to bed upset and was crying, like there was no end in sight. Then out of no where he stopped and if you listened closely at their door you could hear Stir Fry talking to him. This is a somewhat regular occurrence. If Speedy is crying at bedtime Stir Fry will talk to him or sing to him and it seems to just calm him down like nothing else will. It's times like these that make me grateful for my children for Heavenly Father and glimpses he gives me on how he see my children and how precious they really are.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Recipe Blog

My sister-in-law is thinking about starting a recipe blog and wants several contributors. I'm going to be joining in on the fun. If any of you guys are interested let me know.