Saturday, December 06, 2008

Something Special

Before Speedy was born we knew that there was going to be something special between him and his siblings, because of blessings that our older two children got before he was born. With Speedy and Stir Fry some of those special things are quiet easy to see. Like tonight for example, which is why I'm blogging. We were getting the kids ready for bed and Speedy was getting his drink of water after brushing his teeth and wanted to keep his cup. Well it was time for them to go to bed, everyone was ready. So Speedy went to bed upset and was crying, like there was no end in sight. Then out of no where he stopped and if you listened closely at their door you could hear Stir Fry talking to him. This is a somewhat regular occurrence. If Speedy is crying at bedtime Stir Fry will talk to him or sing to him and it seems to just calm him down like nothing else will. It's times like these that make me grateful for my children for Heavenly Father and glimpses he gives me on how he see my children and how precious they really are.


christyn Bowler said...

At times like those your love for your children grows and you get a glimpse of who they really are, and how the Lord has saved them for his second coming. I have felt the same way about you kids to. Grateful to be apart of your lives. And now we get a chance to be apart of your family. We love you all so much!

Cori said...

IT is so awesome to see the special bond between kids. Jakob and Conner have such a good time together. But I, like you, knew when we found out I was pregnant with Alexa that Conner was a special kid. And that he knew when he came here that Alexa wasn't going to be far behind. He has been so easy since the day he was born. Alexa on the other hand.... I knew that Conner and Alexa would have a great bond and they do. I love to listen to them play together and watch Conner look after Alexa and of course vise versa. Aren't we so lucky top have such sweet kids!!