Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mother knows best

Well things have been crazy around here lately. Jeremy and I are the co-chairs of the Activities Committee at church, which means for this time of year, the Christmas party. Since the move this has been the first BIG Activity, which has left me a "LITTLE" stressed. Although we have a great committee with people willing to serve. So I've been busy getting all the loose ends taken care of, or as best as I can. This ward has done a ward gift for each family, so Jeremy volunteered to make vinyl stickers for each family, since his dad has a vinyl cutter, which is not at our house since it's not being used on a TV set. So we cut, wedded, and masked 90+ stickers!!!! TONS of work, to say the least. We did "Families are Forever", "Return with Honor", and "No Empty Chairs", they turned out good though. The party was this last Saturday morning, so it's over and I can breathe.
But to the title of this post....
With the snow coming, that meant the garage floor getting wet from snow melting off the tires, which in turn meant boxes getting wet. So I started moving the boxes we hadn't unpacked yet in the house. There was a diaper pail out there I decided to bring in and put down stairs for the use of diapers of course. But the kid found other uses for it. They put their toys in it, and then Stir Fry started standing on it, which I told him not to do. While I was working on the stickers for the party, he stood on it yet again, and I told him to get down. What did he tell me? "You can't see me, I'm invisible!" Then what happens? He falls off! It's only like a foot high or maybe a foot and a half if you are generous. He immediately starts crying and holding his arm. Oh course it's almost the end of the business day, which means no time really to schedule an appointment and get in, nor do I know if it's serious or something he'll get over. So I call and schedule an appointment for the next day and ask about what I should do if it's broken. So we wrapped his arm to his chest and waited to the morning to see if it still hurts. Well in the morning it still hurt, so we were still on for his appointment. Two and a half hours after showing up to the office we were walking out the door with a broken arm and a splint! This all just days before the party and not having an extra 2 1/2 hours to waste. But everything got done and things worked out. We got back tomorrow to get the cast on and another x-ray to see if it's broken in two places, it's definitely broken in one place on the radius and could possibly be broken in one place on the ulna. So all the holiday pictures will have a cast in it.
So when your mom tells you to do something, she's probably right and you should listen!