Monday, July 27, 2009


This past weekend a friend from high school was in town which prompted a get together for all of us in the area, since we aren't good enough to do it without an excuse, we should be better. Here are some pictures of the fun we had on our picnic. We are missing a few people because someone had to take the picture, and by the time we took the picture one of our friends had left.

Those of you that know our family well, know that Speedy is full of life and no fear. Well today he fell and bit his tongue. I didn't know weather he would need stitches or if they even did stitches in the tongue so I called the doctors office to talk to them. They lady on the phone said he son had stitches in his tongue. It looked pretty bad, so we decided it would be best to bring him in especially since we are leaving on vacation in the next few days, I'd rather be safe than sorry. Well he took a nap before his appointment, and by the time he woke up at the office and the doctor had looked at it it had closed up quiet a bit. But now that he has been up and about and eating it has opened up again. So we took some pictures, this is how gross it is. Hopefully tomorrow morning it'll look better. He keeps me on my toes for sure. But you gotta love him because he is such a happy kid.