Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I said I never would....and I did

I said I would never be a pet person! There is so much I don't like about traditional pets. The hubby convinced me to get a very unconventional pet for our family. So here is the blogger day view of the new member of our family, Titan, the sulcata tortoise.

P.S. Don't tell the hubby that he has kind of grown on me!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Birthday Stir Fry

Happy birthday! I can't believe how fast seven years have gone by! Seven years ago today we made us a family something that only you could give us. You were a very easy baby, from the day you were in my belly. I threw up once, while I was pregnant (I blame that more on something I ate than you). You gave me a very easy pregnancy, and that continued over into after you were born. You were a very happy baby!
You had an amazing way of influencing others at a very young age. You were a great missionary before you could even put multiple words together. I hope you keep that love of the gospel and your ability to touch peoples hearts forever! You will definitely have the ability to change many lives. You know the gospel so well and have a testimony of it! Continue to learn about our Heavenly Father and His love for us and share that with others.
You are such a good big brother! You are always helping your brother and sister without being asked, and it melts my heart. They love you and look up to you. I'm glad you are a good example for them to look towards.
You love learning and school. Keep up the good work. It comes so naturally to you, and I hope it continues to be that. Continue to enjoy it and learn as much as you can! Your teacher says that she knows she can trust you to help the other kids in class to help teach them the things you are learning. I love that you teacher knows that she can trust you and can see that special part of your personality that draws people to you and your ability to lead.
You've been through some hard things for a boy your age and you have been so tough and in those times remembered who you were and your Father in Heaven and asked for his help and protection. Which makes me proud! During those times as your mother it broke my heart and wish I could have traded you places. I think some of those times I cried more than you. Like when you had to get your tonsils out, or multiple teeth pulled, or breaking your arm. With all those hard and painful things to deal with you bounced back and recovered really fast, and I know that is because of your prayers and blessings you have received and the faith you had that Heavenly Father would answer your prayers.
I hope you have a wonderful birthday! And that I can be the type of mother that you deserve!