Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm going to have my hands full

Can you say DIVA? Well the other morning little miss Balugas hadn't been out of bed for more than an hour and was so awnry, like she needed to go back to bed, but that couldn't have been the case since she hadn't been up very long. The hubby finally asked her if she wanted to get dressed, and she nodded. I then took her upstairs to her room and got a shirt and asked her if she wanted to wear that, and she nodded, I then got a pair a pants and asked her about those and she said no, I then got another pair and she approved of those. We then got dressed and then she was fine, until something else popped up.
What am I getting myself into? I was never a girly girl, I hope I can handle this.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

My new past time

Most everyone has seen them, and they have become so popular, those wooden boards that are painted with fun sayings on them. While on vacation at the Oregon Coast I saw them in almost every shop, selling for at least $35. My father-in-law works in the movie industry and has a big and smal vinyl cutter (which is used to cut out the saying on most of these boards). Prior to going on vacation I made several of these, by going over to the in-laws and using their machine, one for my self and several for other for wedding presents for fraction of the cost. (Side note, sorry Marie if you are reading this and see your wedding present before you actually get it. Congrats!!!!) After coming back from vacation I wanted to do more of these and wouldn't mind making some money off of it. Since the in-laws are currently working out of state and the machines are being used, they let us take the small one and all the vinyl we wanted to our house to be used. So now I have access to a machine to print off fun sayings and do whatever I want. They are fun to make and I consider myself lucky to access to a machine like this in my home, hopefully I can start getting the word out and make a little extra money. So here are some of the ones I have made. Most of them are samplers for a craft activity I might be doing, so the size of the boards might be a little off, but you can get the just.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


We have recently reached a few milestones around here in our family. Baluga turned one a little while ago, and has recently stared to attempt to walk. And Stir Fry is now fully potty trained, at least during the non-sleeping hours. Something finally clicked in his head after us trying EVERYTHING and now he does all his business in the toilet. With that said, this is for my kiddies.

10 things I love about my Baluga:
1) The way she says cheese for the camera, but only us, not when we take her to get her picture taken professionally, like Saturday (go figure)
2) How she smlies
3) The way she loves her big brother Stir Fry, and is always trying to be like him
4) When she is a daddy's girl (it melts my heart and I know melts his)
5) When she is a mama's girl (let's me still know I got the magic touch)
6) That despite of our thoughts, she actually weaned from breastfeeding and the pacifier better than we could have ever expect and is pretty good baby without them
7) Her hair, and the fact that she has some
8) Her cute little baby bum
9) When she signs and picks up new signs, the same goes for when she talks
10) That she is my baby and the cutest girl every

10 things I love about my Stir Fry:
1) His eyes, which he gets comments every where he goes about them (blue with LONG eye lashes, how can people not stop and say something)
2) The way he loves his baby sister Baluga
3) When he says I love you out of the blue
4) When he reads to his sister
5) The way he loves his dad
6) The little dimple by his ear
7) When he wants to help me or his dad (I know that won't last forever)
8) His love for books
9) The fact that he was a good baby, and for the most part a pretty good toddler/kid
10) That he loves music and dancing

Friday, September 01, 2006

In over my head

As a mother you learn that you need to start thinking of Halloween and what will your children will dress up as, months in advance, otherwise you are stuck with what is left and hope they have something in your child's size. So I have found myself thinking about October 31st and what my children will do. I've looked online and am shocked at the prices of costumes. Yesterday we went and looked at the fabric store and patterns they had. We've made a decision, one that Stir Fry is excited about and we are going with it. Stir Fry is going to be Peter Pan and Baluga is going to be Tinker Bell (which for this picture you need to click on the picture to see all the patterns. which will then show the Tinker Bell one). Now I haven't really sewn before, besides what we did in home ec and things like that. I have a sewing machine and want to learn, so what better way right, is to just dive in. I bought a Sewing for Dummies book which will hopefully help, and with the help of my mother-in-law when she is in town for a couple days and when I go home the beginning of October with the help of my mom, hopefully I'll learn some things, get more confindent, and have some decent Halloween costumes. So wish me luck on biting off more than I can probably chew. Good thing I have a big mouth.