Friday, April 13, 2007

The truth comes out

Well there is something that I've been keeping from most of you, and now is the time to let it come out. I'm pregnant. I'm half way done with this pregnancy, too bad it is the easier part that is over. I decided I would wait until I had my 20 week ultrasound so that not only could I announce I was pregnant, but hopefully also announce if we were adding a boy or a girl to the mix (I say this because with Baluga, she was stubborn and we didn't find out when we were suppose to because she wouldn't let the ultrasound tech good a look at her heart and other thing as well as in between her legs). We found out today that the kids will be having a little brother. So there you go, the boys will now out number the girls.
I'm lucky that with my pregnancy I haven't had to deal with weird cravings, or I guess maybe I should say the hubby is lucky, since he doesn't have go out and get them, since I assume pregnant women who have those cravings don't mind eating them at the time. But the problem is my little Baluga has got them!

The other day we were having lunch (some leftovers from the night before). It was a ham and cheese loaf (so like a hot sandwich) and some apples. Baluga LOVES to dip her food and one of her favorites dips is mustard, which Stir Fry and I aren't found of but the hubby is. I gave her some mustard to dip her "sandwich" in, since that is what her and her daddy did when we had it the first time around. I also put some peanut butter on her plate so she could dip her apples in there. Did she use the peanut butter, of course not! She dipped her apples in mustard! I showed her what the peanut butter was for and dipped a couple bits in there, but she kept on going back for the mustard. I fought my instinct to tell her no and that was gross. But then I thought who was I to taint her taste buds. I should really let her decide, right? If it won't make her sick, who am I to tell her not to eat it, even if it's something I wouldn't imagine trying!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my baby boy. Well he's not really a baby anymore in terms of his age or anything else, but I think he'll always be my baby boy in my heart. So to my little Stir Fry here are some cute things I love about him:
His super long eyelashes (it sad when your baby is born with longer eyelashes than you!)
His cute smile
The tenderness he shows towards his little sister (most of the time)
His concern for me
He thinks band-aids will make all things better
The dimple on his ear
The fact he stopped throwing his fit after I left this morning to get in the shower, before opening his new playdough toys, so I could at least supervise the mess
And because he's mine

Now I could go on, but it's my boy's birthday and wants to play with his new playdough and I told him I would open it when I was done getting ready, so I think he's waiting long enough.