Thursday, June 14, 2007

Who wouldn't want...

So the hubby likes photography and has been doing it more lately. I think he likes doing nature shots best because what you see is what you get, where with humans and anything else that can move on it's on it's unreliable. He's taken some good shots of our kids, but yet again back the problem I just mentioned. They don't want to hold still. They don't seem to understand the difference between their natural smile and the smile they give when they say "cheeeeese". A few months ago he took this picture of Baluga and you can see what I'm talking about. She thinks she's smiling but she's not. He still loves this picture, though.
So this where the title of this post comes in. Jones Soda allows people to submit photos for the chance to make it on their bottles. We thought this would be perfect and goes along with the types of pictures they put on. After reading my friend, Stephanie's current post, I decided why not use my blog to advertise it and have all you guys (how ever many or few that might be) to vote on my baby's (although she isn't much of that any more) picture and help put her on a bottle or two. So go check out my little Baluga and vote for her picture. And if you like it send it along to people you know and have them vote too. Wish us luck we'll need it, and if you read Stephanie's post you'll know why.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Catch up

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything, so here goes.
Baluga eye is healed, although there is a red mark still there that will hopefully fade. She's been getting into a dress craze, so I decided to make her a few dresses (there is one dress that is purple with flowers I haven't gotten a picture of) that only cost me a couple bucks to make and required very little sewing and no pattern.

She also recently had her first hair cut ever, by me, which I don't think I'll ever do again and just leave to professionals. She got a couple inches cut off

We've also made some pretty big purchases lately. We bought a new kitchen table, since we were quickly outgrowing the one we got when we first got married. A tiny 4 chair set. We found this one and loved it. It's counter height and very dark wood, it almost looks black, but you can see some red in it if the light is just right. It has a leaf that fold into the table, so when it's open it's a big square and can fit 8 people.

Which then led to our next purchase. We didn't want the kids playing with playdough and other things (especially since it's so high and I didn't want to worry about them falling off the chairs and getting hurt) on this and wanted something they could play on and eat on when we had people over.

Now for the last pictures and last purchase for now. We got Baluga a new bed. With the baby on the way it needed to happen sooner than later. She was sleeping in the crib which we converted to a toddler bed, but wanted to get her a bed before the baby came so hopefully she would be adjusted to her new bed. The head board and foot board look the same, except of the course the foot board is smaller.

She loves her new big girl bed and has been sleeping well in it, thank goodness.
Now for the last little bit of news. We are looking for a house, which is exciting and a little stressful. I feel like I should clean and dejunk now. Then part of me thinks what's the point when we'll have to go through everything when we move. Just thinking about it makes me more tired than I already am. So there's what's going on with us lately.