Thursday, April 30, 2009


I hope you can tell by the title that this isn't a happy post, so if you are looking for one come back another day.
I'm a little overwhelmed with life. I'm lacking the patience I would like for my family, which I'm sure affects their attitudes. My kids are going through stages that are new to me, so we are all trying to figure it out, as parents and children. I'm having a hard time being happy and content, which DOESN'T help my eating issues. So then I'm not happy with my health goals. I just want life to be perfect, and it's not close to that. I have no reason not to be content, but I'm not. It's just one of those days. Usually I'd just keep it to myself, but for some reason I thought I'd put some of what I'm feeling here. Hopefully this will help me enjoy the good when it comes. I hope tomorrow is a better day, so I can be a better mother, wife and just a better me. Hopefully I'll have the desire to try better tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life and Cooking

I know it's been a while, and I feel my passion for blogging has kind of fizzled. I feel my life isn't all that exciting and who wants to hear about my stress? Not me!
Life always has a way of mixing things up. Just when you are comfortable with life something has to be thrown in the mix. Right now we are kind of in between to parts of life. And I'm not going to go into detail because that isn't something that we need to share, so don't ask because we won't tell, even those of you who know use well or are family. (and don't be starting rumors that a baby is on the way, unless it's about you).
As much as we are stressed right now with life, I'd be ungrateful to mention how blessed we are. Most of you know that 7 years ago the hubby ventured off and started his own business. We've been blessed that we have always had food in our bellies and were able to pay the bills every month, even though it hasn't always been on time. We are still happily married, which is more than we can say for every other couple that has been part of this endeavor (a least 10 marriages have ended over the years, probably more). How lucky are we that even though things were TOUGH and uncertain that was never an option for us and our relationship never got even close to considering that. I love you Jeremy and I'm sorry I haven't always been as supportive as I should be or could be and let life get to me. We have our family and that is what is most important and we love each other.
So what does this have to do with cooking, nothing really but I thought of some similarities of life and cooking. Some days you have good days and other days you don't. Some times you decide to try a new recipe and it turns out better than expected, sometimes it worse than you thought it would be. Sometimes you forget to add things and it just doesn't turn out right. Sometimes you make changes to fit you better. I'm sure I could up with more but I'm going to stop there. Cooking is an adventure and so is life.
So now to cooking, my sister-in-law started a cooking blog and asked me to contribute on it, so go check it out! One of the things about finding new recipes I have a hard time with is trying to decide if it's worth my time to make because you never know how it will turn. This is place where we are posting our favorites, so you'll know that at least we like them. And once we get enough up there we'll have labels so you can click on a type of food and see what your options are. Go check us out. We are just getting started so make sure you come back often to see what we have come up with. Happy cooking. And just like cooking if things don't turn out don't give up and try again. I'm going to try to apply that more to my life.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Happy Birthday Stir Fry!

Today 6 years ago my not so baby boy made his arrival into our lives. Little did we know how much he would change our lives. (You have to forgive me for no pictures, I'm doing this while the hubby is gone and the pics are on his computer)
So here is to you Stir Fry, Happy Birthday!!!
Thank you making us so happy. For being the greatest big brother a kids could ask for. For being so welling to share with your brother and sister and looking out for them. For singing to Speedy when he's in bed crying and countless other things you do for them and for us. Since the day you were born you have been a content and happy kid. You love being with people, so much so that often times, when you were younger, people didn't even know you were ours because you could always be found hanging out with your favorite person at the moment. You've touched the lives of many. I hope and pray that you continue to love being with people and so outgoing and use that to influence those for good.
I'm so proud of you. You love learning and you are great at it. It surprises me at how well you can memorize things. I love that you enjoy sharing your testimony and knowledge of the gospel and hope you continue to have that desire to bring people to the gospel and the knowledge of how much Heavenly Father and Jesus love us.
I'm sure there are great things in store for you in life and have no doubt that you will succeed in whatever you choose. I love you and could not ask for a better son!