Thursday, February 23, 2006


I haven't been writing as much as I normally do because I feel my life is plain, boring, and not exciting. So write about nothing, which no one is going to want to read about, for the few of you that do read this. So last night the hubby gave me an idea to blog about OCD.
I think all of us have a little OCD in us. We have we like to do things, or certain places that things need to go, but it doesn't interfere with our lives, and if we didn't admit it other people wouldn't notice. (Or at least that is what I like to think)
S, at almost 3 has some of these traits (what I described above, not things that interfere with his life). He has certain toys he likes to sleep with, usually it's the newest one he has. He has to sleep with 3 blanket, in a certain order (right now 4, because daddy let him use his because he was suppose to be leaving on a business trip, and S was to take care of it). He is a smart kid, does things that amazes me and remembers things that I don't. I think sometimes he hides his stuff on purpose to prolong bedtime. For example nap time today... We got in his room and his new Finding Nemo playset, he got from the Valentines Man, was missing. Of course he sleep with all 9 of them and only one is to be found. I asked him where they were and he said they were lost! I didn't believe that for one minute I knew he knew where they were, but wasn't telling. As I'm looking under the bed and on the floor I step on a construction hat, he got with some tools. So I decide to look under there. What do I find, 7 toys, so we know have 8, and I don't think he will notice. I put them on the bed and said ok, let's go to bed. And he said, Oh no shark. He was missing Bruce the shark. I did eventually find it. It was under the pair of pants he wore yesterday that were still laying on his floor. My son has learned how to use the system and get more time out of us.
So I guess now it's fess up time. My OCD
1) I always have to fix tags on shirts, which S will complain about if it's sticking out, I guess I've rubbed off on him. This also goes with S's pants pockets, for some reason on his jeans they always poke out.
2) Never touch my hair when it is wet. I guess also never play with my hair when it is curly, which is almost all the time.
3) I asked the hubby and this is what he said, I don't ask for help, with even small stuff that he would be more than willing to help me with.
4) Don't touch me while I'm sleeping. I like to cuddle, don't get me wrong, but when I'm sleeping it's my time and don't intrude on my space.
Ok well I guess that is enough for now, I shouldn't spill all the beans at once. So what are some of your OCD traits, things you have to have a certain way, and don't say you don't have any!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Last minute shopping

Word to the wise, never go last minute shopping for holidays, even minor ones like Valentines. I went the day before to see if I could find some goodies for S, was I successful? No. Good thing he is little and won't care if it's not heart oriented. Good thing I had ordered some fun stuff for him online a couple weeks ago (also not heart oriented). I didn't think I'd have a great selection but I thought I would have one at least. I went to the local dollar store and all they had was easter stuff!!! So mental note to self, don't do that again.
As for Valentines day, ours was pretty uneventful. It started off great, with B barely sleeping the night before, so we both woke up EXHAUSTED. Having kids makes it tough too. We aren't going to ask our friends, who are all couples to skip out on their v-day so we can do something romantic. So we stayed at home, had dinner, watched some of the olympcs, and the Valentines Man came. The Valentines man? You are probably wondering what that is. I didn't realize until after I got married that people didn't know who he was. I thought he was like Santa and people who celebrated V-day had him visit. As a kid, the Valentines Man was much like the jolly man himself. We never saw him, he just left things mysteriously. But unlike Santa he came while we were awake. He would ring the door bell and leave something for us. Or a treasure hunt of something. So this year was the first year the Valentines Man visited, now that S is old enough to enjoy.
Well I hope every one enjoyed their Valentines Day!

Friday, February 10, 2006


Wouldn't it be nice to get the kind of sleep you got when you were single, or just before you had kids? I sure think so! The hubby asked me what I wanted for the big V-day, you know what I said, I good nights rest, how romantic of me!!! B has been sick and I think starting the whole teething thing, so the last month or so she's been getting up at least once or twice, when she used to sleep throug the night, and the last week or so (it's just all a blur) she hasn't been sleeping well and needs to be held and doesn't really sleep well until 4. I have a hard time listening to childless people complain about being tired. For the most part I think most of them don't know true meaning of the word. They get to control their sleep patterns and when they go to sleep they get to sleep and usually can do so unterrupted. As a parent you wake up when your child does, that usually means for most of us parents, no sleeping in, even on the weekends! Remember the days? Well maybe in 20 plus years or when my youngest becomes a teenager and I have a hard getting them out of bed, I'll be able to enjoy sleep again and not be in a constant state of tiredness, which you get used you. But it's tough, at least for me, if I don't keep myself busy, I'd want to go to bed at 7, which is no good because I know even if the heavens were smiling down on me and both of my kids slept through the night, I woudln't. I guess this way, being a parent of young children, I finally appreciate the sleep I get, most days, find myself lucky if I get a nap. So all you single people out there, get your sleep and be happy you can, and get a few extra hours of sleep for me!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's madness, I tell you, MADNESS!!!

Well that is what it was at our house last night. We had b-day party number 2 for the hubby. We had a couple families over for dinner and pie, since the hubby doesn't like cake. I made a Japanese dish, and then mac and cheese for the kids, since they probably wouldn't eat what I made, although S would. Well there wasn't enough mac and cheese, fortunately they were ok eating rice afterwards. There were 10 kids under the age of 5 at my house, and let me tell you it was crazy. Before everyone came we shut all the door upstairs to the bedrooms, that had childproof handles on them, to keep them out. I was glad I did that, because otherwise it would've have been worse, who knows what kind of damage they could have done in S's room with all the toys. I did something stupid and decided to clean the house before they came, I mopped the floor even, which I shouldn't have because I did it all again this morning. there were countless number of cups of pop spilt, and noodles from mac and cheese, which was all cleaned up first thing this morning. Although I'm happy to report that none of them by S!!!! Let's just say it was madness, too much to try to go into detail. One of the families that were there, are done having kids, while the other 3 aren't, well maybe after last night we are. Talk about a good form of birth control. Makes me think that 3 years between B and the next isn't so bad. So the night ended, not soon enough (because of the kids not the adults, it would have been fun if it could have been just adults, but oh well. The kids went down for bed pretty easy, so I thought it would be a good night. Boy was I wrong. B is sick, finally got we S and I had. We gave her some medicine before bed, and I thought it would be fine and hoped it would knock her out. Did it? Of course not. So needless to say I only got a few hours of sleep last night. The hubby offered to help, but how could I let him help with it being his b-day and then having to get up to leave for work at 6:30? And lucky me when I got up with B at about 6:30 I got a headache and is off and on, depending on what I'm doing. So I'm hoping that the kids are easy today and take good naps for my sake. Wish me luck.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Confessions of a stay at home mom Friday

There is only going to be one confession today....
Often times I over do things. I guess if I'm going to confess, if I'm doing something I tend to over do it, it's not often times, it's usually all the time. Lately my life has been pretty calm, besides the whole potty training thing.
So it's been awhile since I've over done something, but maybe my hubby will say other wise. I guess with my hands, I over do things. A side note, my hands for a long time had gotten pretty dry and were almost raw. I finally went to see S's dermatologist and found out what I knew, that I had eczema. Well anyway, he told me I need to stop doing as much stuff with my hands, especially when it comes to water, since they are like powdered sugar and when ever they get wet the skin desolves. So it's been nice to have the hubby on dish duty!! I'm not going to complain about that. I was really good the first week, and now that my hands are clearing up I'm not so good. There are days that are busy and the dishes don't get done by a certain someone, and both sinks are full, so I have to do some to make room for the stuff I'm going to dirty during the day. Anyway enough on the side note.
Back to the subject at hand. The hubby and I started a recipe club a few months back, and the first month, I made two dishes, because we couldn't agree on one, so I over did it. It didn't need to be done, but I did it anyway. Why, people please I guess. (We didn't have it last month, so I didn't have to over do it. The family said they would do it, never did. Shame on you!!!) This weekend, is another one of those times for me to over do it. Tomorrow is a b-day party for the hubby's grandma. They are having a potluck and I decided to make something to bring. Why? Most likely any of the grandkids, who are all for the most part married, thatcome won't bring anything. I like to be helpful, or at least feel I should be. If it's a potluck and I'm going and I'm going to eat, I need to bring something, common sense, right? Well at least for me. Then Sunday we are having a b-day party/superbowl party for the hubby. He said he didn't want cake, since he doesn't like it much and wanted rice crispy treats instead, one of his favorite things. So I made two batches, and two different kinds, even though I'm sure there aren't going to be enough people that come to eat them all. Then Monday we are having another b-day get together for the hubby (can you say spoiled rotten?) with 2 other families that we get together often with. This one what did I decide to do? Well let me tell you. I'm making dinner for everyone. I'm making a Japanese dish, and then mac and cheese, for the kids since most likely they won't eat it, although S does. The hubby really likes pies and since less people are coming to this one then Sunday I think, I decided to make 3 pies. The hubby likes lemon, so I decided to make a lemon pie and then two others sine most likely the kiddies won't like lemon. I also have had two people call me this week to teach a kids class in church on Sunday. I said I couldn't, but didn't flat out say no, but came up with some excuses. I should have told them the truth though, but at the time the truth hadn't occured to me. I have a crazy next 3 days, and the last thing I have time for or want to do is prepare a lesson and be in charge of who knows how many kids by myself. So anyway, I have my hands full. And hopefully the hubby will pay me back come my b-day time. So I'm done over doing it after this Monday, and will be until the next day, and who knows what will happen.