Thursday, February 23, 2006


I haven't been writing as much as I normally do because I feel my life is plain, boring, and not exciting. So write about nothing, which no one is going to want to read about, for the few of you that do read this. So last night the hubby gave me an idea to blog about OCD.
I think all of us have a little OCD in us. We have we like to do things, or certain places that things need to go, but it doesn't interfere with our lives, and if we didn't admit it other people wouldn't notice. (Or at least that is what I like to think)
S, at almost 3 has some of these traits (what I described above, not things that interfere with his life). He has certain toys he likes to sleep with, usually it's the newest one he has. He has to sleep with 3 blanket, in a certain order (right now 4, because daddy let him use his because he was suppose to be leaving on a business trip, and S was to take care of it). He is a smart kid, does things that amazes me and remembers things that I don't. I think sometimes he hides his stuff on purpose to prolong bedtime. For example nap time today... We got in his room and his new Finding Nemo playset, he got from the Valentines Man, was missing. Of course he sleep with all 9 of them and only one is to be found. I asked him where they were and he said they were lost! I didn't believe that for one minute I knew he knew where they were, but wasn't telling. As I'm looking under the bed and on the floor I step on a construction hat, he got with some tools. So I decide to look under there. What do I find, 7 toys, so we know have 8, and I don't think he will notice. I put them on the bed and said ok, let's go to bed. And he said, Oh no shark. He was missing Bruce the shark. I did eventually find it. It was under the pair of pants he wore yesterday that were still laying on his floor. My son has learned how to use the system and get more time out of us.
So I guess now it's fess up time. My OCD
1) I always have to fix tags on shirts, which S will complain about if it's sticking out, I guess I've rubbed off on him. This also goes with S's pants pockets, for some reason on his jeans they always poke out.
2) Never touch my hair when it is wet. I guess also never play with my hair when it is curly, which is almost all the time.
3) I asked the hubby and this is what he said, I don't ask for help, with even small stuff that he would be more than willing to help me with.
4) Don't touch me while I'm sleeping. I like to cuddle, don't get me wrong, but when I'm sleeping it's my time and don't intrude on my space.
Ok well I guess that is enough for now, I shouldn't spill all the beans at once. So what are some of your OCD traits, things you have to have a certain way, and don't say you don't have any!


Anonymous said...

I don't like to have little rocks and things in the cracks of my shoe soles. I usually have a need to pick them out.

melnel said...

Me? OCD? Never! j/k

I have to have organized drawers at work. Stickypads inone place, paperclips in their place, highlighters in place, pens in place, ruler in place, stamps in place, scissors in place, and keys in place. Otherwise I have to take 5 minutes and arrange them how they're supposed to be. It just has to be that way or I can't work.

I don't like junk in my car. The phonebook, and the window scraper, maybe a waterbottle. But I refuse to let my car look like I live out of it when I don't. I take everything else in at night.

I like to have the kitchen cupboards closed. I grew up in a house where most of the family didn't care--they'd open the cupboard and leave it hanging open. I hate that. I like the "visible clean" of closed cupboard doors.

And those are just some of the ones I live with... :)

I think this is a good topic to revisit. :)

Stephanie said...

I'm with you on the don't touch me when I am sleeping.

I am OCD about the way I load my dishwasher. Everyone else does it wrong.

Marie said...

My kitchen has to be spotless clean at all times. No dirty dishes or crowded countertops. The rest of the house can be a dirt hole but if the kitchen is clean, I'm happy. Vice versa, if the entire house is sparkling clean except the kitchen, I will in no way be satisfied.

I have the same morning routine every day as I'm getting ready for work. First Shower, eye contacts, put on lotion, apply mascara, brush teeth, dry hair, put on eye makeup, apply rest of makeup, then do hair, and get dressed. If I get out of order in any way, guaranteed, I will forget something on top of feeling jarbled for the rest of the day.

What else? My list is long and many.

My purse has to be organized at all times. Every item has it's place or pocket.

I have to hit all 6 programmed radio stations to see what best song is playing. Even if my absolute favorite song is playing on the 4th station I've turned to, I have to hit the 2 others to make sure there's not something better before coming back and listening to that 4th station.

I think I'll stop there. I've gotta stop somewhere!