Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Last minute shopping

Word to the wise, never go last minute shopping for holidays, even minor ones like Valentines. I went the day before to see if I could find some goodies for S, was I successful? No. Good thing he is little and won't care if it's not heart oriented. Good thing I had ordered some fun stuff for him online a couple weeks ago (also not heart oriented). I didn't think I'd have a great selection but I thought I would have one at least. I went to the local dollar store and all they had was easter stuff!!! So mental note to self, don't do that again.
As for Valentines day, ours was pretty uneventful. It started off great, with B barely sleeping the night before, so we both woke up EXHAUSTED. Having kids makes it tough too. We aren't going to ask our friends, who are all couples to skip out on their v-day so we can do something romantic. So we stayed at home, had dinner, watched some of the olympcs, and the Valentines Man came. The Valentines man? You are probably wondering what that is. I didn't realize until after I got married that people didn't know who he was. I thought he was like Santa and people who celebrated V-day had him visit. As a kid, the Valentines Man was much like the jolly man himself. We never saw him, he just left things mysteriously. But unlike Santa he came while we were awake. He would ring the door bell and leave something for us. Or a treasure hunt of something. So this year was the first year the Valentines Man visited, now that S is old enough to enjoy.
Well I hope every one enjoyed their Valentines Day!

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