Friday, July 27, 2007

Missing home

I always wish I live closer to my family, but there are times that makes me miss it even more. Like at the beginning of the week when we had a pregnancy scare at night and left me thinking who would I call if we had to go to the hospital to have a baby. It's times like this that make anyone miss their parents (especially your mom, for us girls), if you aren't lucky enough to have them close by.
In other news, besides me missing my family. We've got all (well except for a few odds and ends) into the house, that is not to say it's unpacked. Most of the house it packed and not unpacked. The kids seems to be adjusting well, and seem to be a nice neighborhood. Baluga is now in her own room, after sleeping in Stir Fry's room for several days, waiting for the paint job to get done. It turned out cute (I'll post pictures later). Hopefully we'll be mostly unpacked by the time the baby comes, which hopefully isn't for another couple weeks, well I guess we have about 1 more week until baby can be born and not premature. Wish us luck.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The one some of you have been waiting for

I mentioned I think in my last post that we were looking for a house. We have found one and signed papers yesterday. We should be moving in this weekend. People have asked for pictures so here are some. I didn't have the time or desired to format them to put them strategically through the post so deal with it. The first few are of the outside. The old owners have been out for weeks, and the sprinklers haven't been one since, so the lawn is showing that along with a lot of weeds. There is a big sand lot in the back which can see in the corner of one of the pictures growing weeds. When it comes to pictures of the inside we don't have much except for the living room and kitchen. As you walk in there is an accent wall, which you will see on the right and then the living room. Then that leads into the kitchen/dining room. On the main floor there is also 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. In the basement, which you can see the banister from one of the pictures in the kitchen, has a big family room, which will probably turn into the TV room/office/play room, because it's so big. It also has another bedroom. There is also an unfinished bathroom that is framed and wired. There is also another room that is framed with lots of shelves, that will be used for food storage for now, which can later be converted to a 5th bedroom if we want. So wish us luck this weekend, in moving, finishing packing, unpacking, and cleaning and everything else.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My Substitute

It would be nice if parenting was like basketball and you have some subs waiting on the side line for their turn to come in and get a chance to "play". It would be nice to have a couple people just waiting around, where at a moments (I guess more like a micro-second) notice they could relieve you of your duties for whatever time you need to re-coop. There are tons of times where I would like this, for example, when the kids don't take long enough naps and I'm not ready to get up from mine and the same goes for night time and getting up in the morning, and nameless other things. But yesterday I NEEDED one of these. Approaching the end of pregnancy makes me more emotional at times than normal and more tired. The day started off fine with the kids, but it was about dinner time things started falling apart. The hubby had been at work since 4:30 AM and wasn't going to be home until 8:00 PM at the earliest. I had dinner in the over and Baluga was asking for gum (she recently figured out the not swallowing gum issue, so she has had it more often), which I told her no because this would be her who knows what number of piece for the day. She wasn't happy with me, so the screaming and crying began. It didn't help that I think she was starting to get tired and I think she missed her daddy, because she hadn't seen him at all that day, and she is very much a daddy's girl. Then it led to her wanting chips, which in turn I said no, since we were close to having dinner (her crying and screaming hadn't stop since the rejection of her first want). Lately all she has wanted to eat and will eat without force and constant telling her to take a bite (if that even works) is snacks and treats. So I've had to hide them, although I missed one box and it was out in site. After about 25 minutes of this crying and screaming and asking for things I wouldn't let her have she finally ask for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which I finally gave in, even though dinner was minutes from being done. So the kids had sandwiches and I was the only that ate the dinner I made, but I was done, I was reaching my limits, I'd rather give her a sandwich then continue on the road we were on. Which that worked for a couple minutes. I let them have a few chips with their sandwich and that is of course all she ate and wanted more and I told her no, and the crying and screaming all started again. At this point I was at my limit, so I decided to go upstairs and let her throw her fit, I couldn't deal with it any more. So what happened. She brought her fit upstairs to me. How thoughtful. Of Stir Fry is following her, but he had finished his "dinner" and wasn't throwing a fit. After several more minutes of the screaming at my side, I was in tears and at the beginning of falling apart, so I got up and locked myself in the bathroom just to be alone. At this point the floodgates opened, so Stir Fry could her me crying, I'm sure Baluga might have been able to over her crying and screaming. At this point Stir Fry keeps on telling me through the door that it's ok. After a couple minutes of being in there and Stir Fry telling me it's ok, which progressively got louder and louder, since I wasn't responding, I came out (but mind you Baluga is still screaming and crying). I came out and told Stir Fry that I needed her to stop crying and then laid on my bed. At that point my substitute came in! My little 4 year old took over. He calmed her down (I don't know how) and they both climbed on the bed with me and he snuggled her and hugged her and whispered to her. I didn't ask him to do anything, he did this all on his own, which was almost reason enough for me to start crying all over again, but for different reasons. He's such a good helper, especially when I need him the most. So this one is for my sweet little boy Stir Fry who I love more than anything. I love you!