Friday, July 27, 2007

Missing home

I always wish I live closer to my family, but there are times that makes me miss it even more. Like at the beginning of the week when we had a pregnancy scare at night and left me thinking who would I call if we had to go to the hospital to have a baby. It's times like this that make anyone miss their parents (especially your mom, for us girls), if you aren't lucky enough to have them close by.
In other news, besides me missing my family. We've got all (well except for a few odds and ends) into the house, that is not to say it's unpacked. Most of the house it packed and not unpacked. The kids seems to be adjusting well, and seem to be a nice neighborhood. Baluga is now in her own room, after sleeping in Stir Fry's room for several days, waiting for the paint job to get done. It turned out cute (I'll post pictures later). Hopefully we'll be mostly unpacked by the time the baby comes, which hopefully isn't for another couple weeks, well I guess we have about 1 more week until baby can be born and not premature. Wish us luck.


MomOf3 said...

I do wish you luck. I know it's hard living away from family. I often feel the same way. Take care of yourself these next couple of weeks - don't push yourself too hard unpacking!

Sunshine said...

I kind of understand. Sometimes during the summer, especially this summer, I feel really lonely. It is hard to be away from everyone and have your husband gone for long hours. I think the hardest thing for me is since Ryan generally has the car I am stuck at the apartment complex. Good luck with the unpacking. I can't wait to see your house in person. Be careful and don't lift too much.

Da Mama said...

I so sorry that you had a scare. I my self am not looking forward to living so far away form family. IT has been nice to have a good support system close by. Well maybe some day we will live close enough so that you can bring the kids to my house!! I know my kids would love to see there cousin alot more, and I
wish I could be closer so that I can hold your new little one, and help you out with your other 2. You will have to keep us posted as to houw things are going!!!!