Friday, February 23, 2007

Thank Heavens for...

Thank heavens for Pediatric Dentist! On Valentine's Day my little ones experienced the dentist for the first time and did better than expected, and I'm sure the pediatric dentist and the fun office helped. Stir Fry had some cavities, so he had his first of two appointments yesterday to get one side done. He did so good. I could tell he was nervous and maybe even scared, but he didn't cry and was very brave. He held my hand the whole time and I told him to squeeze it if he got scared or nervous and he never did, I wonder if he forgot. My little three year old was braver than most people older than him. I'm so proud of him, and am happy there is such thing as a pediatric dentist, since there wasn't when I was a kid.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm in the mood for Love

I decided I would do a Valentines Day post so here goes.

14 reasons why I love the hubby
1) After almost 6 years of marriage and kids he still opens the door for me
2) He has NEVER missed a pregnancy doctor appointment with both of our kids
3) He helps out with the kids without being asked
4) He lets me have a day off when he knows I need it, and would any other time if I would just ask
5) He sees the best in me
6) He thinks I'm a better mother than I think I am
7) He gets up with the kids at night
8) My comfort comes before his
9) He likes to cook and is more than willing to take care of dinner
10) He washes the dishes
11) He always cleans the bathrooms
12) He supports me in all I do
13) He encourages me
14) He makes me feel better about myself

So with that said I love you! Have a great Valentines Day!

Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm losing it!

Do you ever have those days as a parent that you just can't hold it together and question your abilities. Well today is one of those days and it's only 9:30AM!!!! Someone help me please! It started with a rough night, where Baluga cried close after I laid in bed, but at least she fell back to sleep. Then a couple minutes later Stir Fry came in saying his blankets were off and needed help getting them back on. Oh course that wasn't the end of it, then about 12:30 Baluga woke up again and wouldn't go back to sleep, so that meant one of us going in there and rocking her, which ended up being me. Of course she was asleep almost instantly, go figure. But what happened when I tried to lay her back down? Of course she woke up and screamed her head off, but I left anyway. Did she go back to bed of course not. Then the hubby got up with her and laid on the couch with her, and finally two hours later she was in bed. Did I get much sleep during that time, of course not. The hubby will often fall asleep on the couch and stay longer than he needs to, so I'm always checking the clock and looking to see if he has made it back to bed. After Baluga was in bed, she was fine until the morning, but then we have Stir Fry's normal getting up at way too early for me (6:00-6:30) and we make him go back to bed until 7. Well this morning he did his usual but this time he was covered in pee because his pull-up was too full, so we had to take sheets off, but new clothes on, I didn't even bother to put new sheets on and put him back to bed. Good start to a morning! So I was already tired and low on patience. Well this morning has only added to that. I don't ask for much as a mother. I'd like to eat at least 2 meals a day, and get 30 minutes of exercise in (if i choose). The minute the video went in, started the neediness. They can be quiet independent when it's works well with their time, but heaven forbid they give my 30 minutes! I need this, or this, or I'm going to make a huge mess, or do things I should normally be able to do on my own and of course not listening of doing anything I say. It drove me nuts and of course me and the kids suffered for it. I hope this day passes quickly and we all survive. It's days like this that make me question my ability of being of parent.