Thursday, October 30, 2008

Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer

So Speedy has finally decided to start walking. This is more for the grandparents than any one. I have to apologize though since I've never done the video clips online I didn't know I needed to have my camera the other direction. So just turn your head and watch. And when you are done scroll down and see the other blog post I just did.

On your mark get set go

So this is a big post with a lot of pictures, so have fun!
Baluga and Speedy got sick a while back with a cough and congestion. I finally caught it and during that time Speedy decided to throw up for a couple days. He still has the runny nose and cough, which always seems to stick around forever and he's teething so that doesn't help either. So the other day as I was trying to get the kids ready in the morning he sneezed and this is what I turned around too.

The other day we went out to our friends house for a spur of the moment photo shot with our friend Jessica and her kids. These are some of the pictures we ended up with.

And then there are a few of my favorite baby girl, who's not so little anymore, and me.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What flower are you?

What A Lily Says About You

You are playful, flirty, and friendly.

You can easily light up a room... or someone's heart.

Your unique personality attracts a lot of attention!

Your cute ways get you in trouble. People can't help but be a little jealous of you.

What color are you?

You Are a Yellow Crayon

Your world is colored with happy, warm, fun colors.

You have a thoughtful and wise way about you. Some people might even consider you a genius.

Charming and eloquent, you are able to get people to do things your way.

While you seem spontaneous and free wheeling, you are calculating to the extreme.

Your color wheel opposite is purple. You both are charismatic leaders, but purple people act like you have no depth.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

2 posts in two days!

I know it's been a while since I've posted so often. 2 posts in about 24 hours. I haven't posted this frequently since I started this blog. Well we had something "exciting" happen this morning, and I'm sure grandmas are going to want to see pictures.
Baluga and Stir Fry were in the bath tub this morning/afternoon getting ready for church. They were clean and ready to get out, but since they are water babies they stay in and play until we kick them out. It was freezing this morning, so I was laying under my covers while they were in playing in the bath tub in our room. The hubby was in talking to me and all of the sudden we heard a thud and a cry. The hubby went in to see what happened and Baluga fell in the bath tub, aparently they were standing up playing in the bath tub. I stayed in bed until I heard ah oh blood! Never a good sign when it comes to bath tubs. I'm pretty sure one of my brothers fell into the bath tub and cut himself open. Baluga cut herself under her chin! We immediately got her out to look at the damage. The hubby said well if it was Stir Fry I wouldn't worry about it, but with it being Baluga and being his daughter he wasn't sure what to do. It is a pretty short cut and not too deep, one of those where you're not sure if it is enough to get stitches or not. So what do you do? With it being Sunday we couldn't just go to the doctor and have him check her out. If I'm going to take her to a place open on Sunday or the hospital I want to make sure it's necessary. So I called one of my good friends and neighbors, Jessica, to see if her hubby Drew was available for us to use his expertise. While we don't know any doctors or pediatrician personally to call, our friend Drew is the Athletic Trainer for UVU so he's the closest thing we got and is pretty intelligent when it comes to injuries since it is what he does for a job. So he came over and looked at it and brought his bag of things. He said if we were concerned about scaring we could take her in to get a stitch but he wasn't even 100% sure they would stitch it because isn't was short and not too deep, but if it was his kid he would just put butterfly tape on it. So she just laid on my lap and let him clean it and put herself back together. She did a wonderful job and so did he. So thank you Drew and thanks Jess for letting us take your husband away for a little bit before church and not be able to help as much in getting the kids ready. So here are a couple pictures, one with the bloody band aid over the butterfly tape, and then one after we took the band aid off to replace it. So we didn't pull the camera out after she cut herself open to show you what it looked like before. So this is all you are going to get.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thank yous, preschool, and worst thing ever!

Before I get started on updates on our lives, I owe a big thank you to the hubby for the brand new look of my blog. He created it and I think he did a wonderful job. So thank you love!
The beginning of September Baluga started preschool. Some ladies in my area are doing a little co-op. We all live within blocks of each other and the girls are all just months apart. They are having a great time together. We each take a week (two times a week), so we have one week at our place then four weeks off. It works out pretty nice. Baluga loves that she get to go to school like Stir Fry.

Excited for the first day of school

All the little girls

A little over a week ago Stirling had to go through a pretty horrible experience. At his last dentist check-up, we found out through his x-rays his mouth isn't big enough for his teeth coming in. Which led us to taking our 5 year old to an orthodontist! I thought that was pretty young, but after talking to my mom (who works at an orthodontist office) she has seen them that young. He is only 5 and already has his 7 year old molars in on the bottom. The top ones had started coming in, but from the x-rays you could see that the 7 year old molars were stuck from coming in, because they were growing into the roots of the 2 year old molars. So they needed to pull his 2 year old molars out on top in order for his other ones to come in. A few weeks before the extractions of his molars he had to go in for a filling and then to have his last bottom front tooth pulled because it was in the way of a permanent tooth underneath. That was a pretty traumatic experience for him and me, so I told the hubby he had to go to the next visit when the molars got taken out. He got a blessing the night before. He was very nervous and scared. Even after knowing what was going to happened he got himself in the car, put his seatbelt on, walked himself into the dentist office, walked back to the room and sat in the chair, which is all the hubby said he could ask for, with him knowing what was going to happen. After that things didn't go so well. They put laughing gas on him to calm him. The dentist came back to numb him and he was holding his dad's hand. He started yelling to stop, and eventually let go of the hubby's hand and grabbed the needle out of the dentist's hand. After that the hubby had to hold one arm down and his body, while some one else did the same to the other side and someone else held his legs. I couldn't have been there! He came home crying which led me to cry. I felt so bad for him! As you can tell from the pictures of his teeth below you can see that part of the roots are missing because his other molars were growing into them.

This boy never ceases to amaze us. He came home and I made him lay down for a while. Not more than an hour and half later his little neighbor friend came to see if he could play. I'm sure he would have been up and about sooner if I would've let him or if his friend came sooner. He wanted to ride his scooter and do his normal activities but I wouldn't let him. I didn't think that was something he should be doing so soon after, after all I just wanted him to lay down and take it easy. So this is what Stir Fry looked like less than 5 hours after having this done.

We decided to go out for a little photo shoot to test the colors of a location, and he did well. You couldn't tell by the way he was acting or this picture that he had some major dental work hours before. This child's faith is so strong and pure, I think that helped with his QUICK healing. He KNEW Heavenly Father was going to help him feel better, there was no question. I don't doubt that because of his faith in his blessing and our Father in Heaven he was up and back to normal in no time. I wish I could be more like that.
For an update on Speedy. He is into EVERYTHING! He likes to empty all the drawers he can get into in the kitchen. He is deciding whether he wants to walk or not. He'll take 4-5 steps every once in a while then fall of just sit down and crawl. So I think it will be a matter of a couple weeks and he'll be walking around.
There are more pictures to share and other things, but we'll save that for another post, because if you have made it this far, congratulations!