Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my baby boy. Well he's not really a baby anymore in terms of his age or anything else, but I think he'll always be my baby boy in my heart. So to my little Stir Fry here are some cute things I love about him:
His super long eyelashes (it sad when your baby is born with longer eyelashes than you!)
His cute smile
The tenderness he shows towards his little sister (most of the time)
His concern for me
He thinks band-aids will make all things better
The dimple on his ear
The fact he stopped throwing his fit after I left this morning to get in the shower, before opening his new playdough toys, so I could at least supervise the mess
And because he's mine

Now I could go on, but it's my boy's birthday and wants to play with his new playdough and I told him I would open it when I was done getting ready, so I think he's waiting long enough.

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Da Mama said...

Tell stir-fry happy birthday for us. It sure would be fun to live close together so that we could celebrate together. oh well maybe someday!!!