Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm going to have my hands full

Can you say DIVA? Well the other morning little miss Balugas hadn't been out of bed for more than an hour and was so awnry, like she needed to go back to bed, but that couldn't have been the case since she hadn't been up very long. The hubby finally asked her if she wanted to get dressed, and she nodded. I then took her upstairs to her room and got a shirt and asked her if she wanted to wear that, and she nodded, I then got a pair a pants and asked her about those and she said no, I then got another pair and she approved of those. We then got dressed and then she was fine, until something else popped up.
What am I getting myself into? I was never a girly girl, I hope I can handle this.

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Brony said...

Sometimes I'm glad I have boys :)