Thursday, September 07, 2006


We have recently reached a few milestones around here in our family. Baluga turned one a little while ago, and has recently stared to attempt to walk. And Stir Fry is now fully potty trained, at least during the non-sleeping hours. Something finally clicked in his head after us trying EVERYTHING and now he does all his business in the toilet. With that said, this is for my kiddies.

10 things I love about my Baluga:
1) The way she says cheese for the camera, but only us, not when we take her to get her picture taken professionally, like Saturday (go figure)
2) How she smlies
3) The way she loves her big brother Stir Fry, and is always trying to be like him
4) When she is a daddy's girl (it melts my heart and I know melts his)
5) When she is a mama's girl (let's me still know I got the magic touch)
6) That despite of our thoughts, she actually weaned from breastfeeding and the pacifier better than we could have ever expect and is pretty good baby without them
7) Her hair, and the fact that she has some
8) Her cute little baby bum
9) When she signs and picks up new signs, the same goes for when she talks
10) That she is my baby and the cutest girl every

10 things I love about my Stir Fry:
1) His eyes, which he gets comments every where he goes about them (blue with LONG eye lashes, how can people not stop and say something)
2) The way he loves his baby sister Baluga
3) When he says I love you out of the blue
4) When he reads to his sister
5) The way he loves his dad
6) The little dimple by his ear
7) When he wants to help me or his dad (I know that won't last forever)
8) His love for books
9) The fact that he was a good baby, and for the most part a pretty good toddler/kid
10) That he loves music and dancing

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The Hubby said...

Those are some of the best things about our kids. Way Cute.