Friday, September 01, 2006

In over my head

As a mother you learn that you need to start thinking of Halloween and what will your children will dress up as, months in advance, otherwise you are stuck with what is left and hope they have something in your child's size. So I have found myself thinking about October 31st and what my children will do. I've looked online and am shocked at the prices of costumes. Yesterday we went and looked at the fabric store and patterns they had. We've made a decision, one that Stir Fry is excited about and we are going with it. Stir Fry is going to be Peter Pan and Baluga is going to be Tinker Bell (which for this picture you need to click on the picture to see all the patterns. which will then show the Tinker Bell one). Now I haven't really sewn before, besides what we did in home ec and things like that. I have a sewing machine and want to learn, so what better way right, is to just dive in. I bought a Sewing for Dummies book which will hopefully help, and with the help of my mother-in-law when she is in town for a couple days and when I go home the beginning of October with the help of my mom, hopefully I'll learn some things, get more confindent, and have some decent Halloween costumes. So wish me luck on biting off more than I can probably chew. Good thing I have a big mouth.


melnel said...

It was a smart idea to buy the tinkerbell pattern in a group of other princesses she could be as she grows up! I'm sure you'll do great--simplicity has good patterns with good directions. :)

Brony said...

You'll pick it up in no time. I was the same, no sewing since home ec, now I've made a number of costumes.