Friday, November 04, 2005

Confessions of a stay at home mom Friday

1) We got home from Seattle on Monday night and I still haven't finished putting everything away or taken everything out of the car.
2) My favorite snacks right now (and favorite is probably an understatement) are homemade granola bars and popcorn (can't beat $0.88 for a 2 lbs. bag of kernels)
3) I don't like laundry. Most of the time I probably put too many clothes in the washer, because I'd rather do one load than two.
4) I hate wash cloths. Don't get me wrong we do have them in the house, and we use them for the kids baths and things of tha sort. But I'd much rather use a sanitizing wipe (like clorox or lysol wipes, or generic brand which ever is cheaper) on my table, counters, and stove. When it comes to clean up of kids after meals, I'd rather wipe them down with a baby wipe. They are both easy and disposible, and don't get gross and stinky like wash cloths can.

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Jeremy said...

This is an under statement. She hates anything that can get durty and has to be resused.