Saturday, November 26, 2005

Taking advantage of people

There are so many companies that take advantage of people, and I'm sick of it! Why? Because when I think I've asked all the questions I need to to find out if there is any hidden costs, they blow my mind with a hidden cost I couldn't even think up!!!! So for the past two Saturdays we have gone to get pictures taken, some of the kids and then today some of the whole family. I had a coupon for no session fee!!! With the flyer I got there was also advertisement for 35 portraits for $10, can't beat that. On the coupon for no session fee it said it can be combined with other offers, so great I can use it for the 35 portraits! Oh course not!!!! I didn't say it on the flyer but the $10 offer couldn't be combined with other offeres, go figure!!!! So I ended joining their club, so I don't have to pay sitting fees for the next 2 years, even though I didn't want to but it would save us money since we would be back next week for more pictures. So today we went, thinking we would get the $10 offer for the family pictures. Needless to say I was not impressed, we had an appointment for 4. We showed up a few minutes early and I filled our the paper work. We sat and sat and sat. Finally the mother-in-law (who came to help) went and asked. Well they couldn't find our paper work and they just ASSUMED we were with another group that had already been helped!!! So about 40 minutes after our appointed time we got in. Of course after waiting the kids were more fussy, which left us with more of handful. So we got a few good shots and we got to order our pictures. Well we decided to get the $10 package, but little did we know they said we had to bring in the flyer, which last week I didn't and could get it!!! And it wasn't a coupon, so why did I need to bring and it didn't say I had to to get the offer!!! We talked the lady into letting us get the price, thank goodness. And because of the wait, which wasn't because they were so busy, they were just sitting around buying time while we sat and waited, she gave us a free 8x10, who nice!!! That's the least we deserved after all we went through. So we were thinking of getting more pictures, but then found out they were going to be $20 a sheet!!! Are you kidding me!! (I know I'm using a lot of !!! but I was shocked and a little upset about our whole experience the last couple weeks) I had a coupon that said you could get sheets for $4 after you buy 8 at regular price which was listed at $8. Do you get it? I sure as heck don't!!!! So why on a coupon it says the regular price is $8 but we had to pay $20 for ours? We just decided to go with what we would get at $10 and have our friends do some more later which we could get A LOT cheaper. Why is that people do everything they can to get your money! I could understand if I just read something wrong and misunderstood it, but it wasn't even stated! If you are going to take my money at least be honest about it. Maybe that's why places like that don't post prices because there are so many things that affect it, like if your hair is curly or you have green eyes or drive a toyota or are wearing brown shoes. So needless to say I've been very unsatisfied with my experience and wouldn't ever go back if I hadn't bought this membership and have free session fee for 2 year and will supposidely get good deals sent to me, which will probably have there hidden prices too. I hate the way some people run their business and they probably can still sleep at night even though they are totally taken advantage of people without warning them about it (not even in their tiny non-legible writing). I'm done! Sorry I'm not proof reading this I don't even want to think about it any more to read it again to see if there are typos. So I hope you can read it.

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