Monday, November 07, 2005

The greatest ice breaker

I have found that the greatest way to break the ice and meet someone is through your kids. Often times I get so caught up in keeping an eye on them and making sure they stay out of trouble and behave that meeting new people and just saying hi to those around me gets forgotten. Yesterday at church reminded me that my kids make me get out of my comfort zone sometimes and meet new people. Church was over and I had both the kids and trying to track down my husband who couldn't be found. So we went over by the bishop's office to just wait, which is usually where we find him. Well needless to say I got in my zone of focusing on my kids, when a young lady, that I had noticed in sacrament meeting several times, but had never seen here any where else, so I could say hi, came up to me and starting asking about my baby. So a converstion was born. We met because of my kids. I've noticed it usually happens one of two ways for me. One, my toddler will go up to someone, and I'll follow and appologize for him bugging them, and we'll start a conversation and I'll meet someone new. Two, someone will come up to and tell me how cute my kids are and then we'll strike up a conversation. For some reason years ago I lost my desire to be social, like I was when I was a teen, but my kids are bringing it back. So thank you to my kids for being so outgoing, and being so cute. Without them I wouldn't be as social and know as many people.

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