Friday, November 18, 2005

Confessions of a stay at home mom Friday

1) I'm probably going to stay in my pj's all day. I'm sick that's the least I deserve!
2) I don't like to shave. Who does? As a mother, you don't get to take very long showers, so some days it just doesn't get done, who am I kidding often times. I'd rather have clean hair and body then silky smooth legs. Why is that my brothers only have to shave every few weeks? My mom's side of the family doesn't have much facial hair, so why is it I can't get those kind of genetic for my legs?
3) Sometimes I feel I should take Martha Stewarts place. I'm not creative or crafty, but when it comes to cooking I do a fairly good job. The other day I made some killer pizza, and that was even with the help of my toddler.
4) Even though I feel I'm a pretty decent cook, I still want and need validation that I'm not the only one that thinks so.
5) If something I cook doesn't turn out right I find something to blame it on. If it's something I haven't made before, it's the recipes fault. Or yesterday I made some bread and just about the time I had to put it in the oven, S decided he wanted some brownie and he would get it himself, and in doing so knocked the bread, so now it looks like someone smashed it, forget the fact that I forgot to add the salt and added to screwing it up myself.

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Stephanie said...

I always blame my bad cooking on something else.

Staying in pjs all day is a normal mom thing to do. Just keep telling yourself that/