Monday, November 07, 2005

Sleeping Habits

My son has gotten into the habit of sleeping with some of his favorite toys. On his bed he has a plethora of toys which consist of; 2 teddy bears, 3 elmos (2 medium size, and one small), spongebob squarepants, a little dog, Woody, Jessie, Buzz (from Toy Story), 3 small ponies, and I think that is about it. There is so many I forget. But every time he goes to bed for the night or a nap everything has to be in their "spot". He usually sleeps with his ponies (meaning he lays on them). When a new toy shows up it usually makes it on the bed at least for a night or two. Every few weeks I have to go through and downsize the pile so there is room for S to sleep. Well today we went to some stores to get stuff to make some hair bands for B, which consisted of me getting a glue gun and some other things. When we got home he opened it and thought it was his new toy! So needless to say when nap time came he wanted to take the glue gun with him. I took it away and told him he can't sleep with it, which led to crying. So I suggested having him take another toy with him that he hasn't slept with for awhile and it eventually worked. I hope it doesn't remember this and hold a grudge against me for the time mama wouldn't let him sleep with a glue gun.

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Marie said...

Haha - you could have let little Stirling sleep with the glue gun just one time so you could snap a picture of it! That would be a good laugh when he got older and maybe one of the embarassing pics to show his girlfriends later on!