Thursday, November 10, 2005


There are so many fads that have come and gone throughout my life time. Remember the hypercolor t-shirts (always wanted one but never got one), and some many others that lasted just a short time? There are so many people who take advantage of these fads we create to make them money. There are far fewer on the other hand that really understand what we humans want and desire (a couple things being happiness and laughter) and use that to profit them. It's these people in my opinion who become the classics and create things that are timeless and not just fades, that disappear faster than we can blink. You are probably wondering why I bring this up...Well the last few days I've been reminded of one of these people who "get it". A few days ago my husband started reading Shel Silverstein poems to our toddler. It has reminded me of when I was kid and how much I loved to read them. There is something about his poems that appeal to children and adults alike. He has a way of making adults remember the good old day and what it was like to be a kid. And for kids it teaches them to be light-hearted and find humor in almost all things. There is something about his writings that sparks our imagination, which is always good to use no matter what age. For my toddler I think he likes the pictures the best at this point in time. But it doesn't matter, we all like them for some reason or another. So today I challenge you to take the time and think of the timeless things in our lives and laugh at the fads that are just that.


Jeremy said...

Funny thing,

I have always thought that Shel was a man. I guess you learn something new everyday. :)

Erin said...

Well I just assumed Shel was a girl, but we all know what assuming does. I have made corrections in my post so I hope everyone is happy.