Monday, November 21, 2005


Well this weekend we made a trip to the mall to get pictures of the kids to give to family for the holiday. People who don't have kids don't truely understand the pain that goes into to this for most of us. To get that one good picture, hopefully you get at least one, is A LOT of hard work. B, the 3 1/2 month old did good, she was very cooperative for an infant. S, the 2 1/2 year old on the other hand wasn't. He didn't want to sit where he was suppose to and then eventually started crying. Luckily at that point we had 2 decent pictres to choose from, we weren't getting any more out of him, and B stared to get tired. Next week we are going back for family pictures, so hopefully that goes better. Last year we had the same problem with S, but he did better with family pictures, maybe that is because we were there to sit by him. A few weeks earlier we went to place that specialized in kids and he did great. We got a really good picture of him by himself. We went because we had a coupon, otherwise we would have never gone. They charge $16 a sheet, which is crazy!!! So that is why we end up going to a department store that has better prices, but the photographers don't do so hot with the kids. So needless to say I was a little frustrated. When I called to set up the appointment I asked if their photographers were good with young kids or some better than others, and of course they said all of them are, yeah right!!! Why is it that the people at the expensive places who specializes in kids did good with S, but the other people didn't? But on the other hand is it really worth $16 a sheet when you need tons of them and don't have to do much to get your kid to be happy and smile, or do a lot and only pay $10 for 36 pictures?

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Stephanie said...

We had the same problem with E a couple months ago-- and this was AT the kid picture place. We got two decent pics, and then 30 minutes of screaming, crying and kicking the photographer.

Of course, the baby did well, but not the boy.