Friday, November 04, 2005

Kids do the cutest things

Here are some of the cute things my toddler has done or said:
He say "Too Mama" instead of I love you Mama, or who evers name he is saying I love you to.
The other day we were reading books and after we finished each book he would say "Amen", like it was an end of a prayer.
A couple weeks ago I was on the computer doing some things and it was getting close to his nap time. Instead of coming and telling me he was ready, he got himself ready. He got himself a glass a milk, laid on the couch with a blanket turned on the tv and let himself get tired, just waiting for me to come and get him and put him to bed.
He likes to run around with his hooded bath towel like a super hero. He refers to it as a "woosh" because of the sound he makes when he runs around like he is flying.
My son loves ponies, there I said it. He even has to sleep with them.


Stephanie said...

Ponies are good. Are they soft? Cause I think E would sleep with trains if he could.


You will find that you love it for the relief it gives you, and hate it for the cyber-nerd you become.

And it really is for you. Therapeutic, it is.

Jeremy said...

He sure does love his ponies. They are not the soft kind they are the $1 "My little pony" kmart want to be kind. But he sure is Cute.