Monday, November 14, 2005

My Hubby

Well I know I already did a post today, but I figured since I had something on my mind I'd write it. And if for some reason I can't think of anything for tomorrow I won't feel so bad. I've been married to a wonderful man for almost 5 years. It's been a rollercoaster to say the least, not with our relationship mind you just things that we have had to go through. Our relationship has always been great and strong, but the events that have happened over the last several years have been a rollercoaster. I would compare it to the scariest rollercoaster you have ever been on. There are parts that fill you with excitement and glee, like when we got married and then had our kids. And then there are parts that make you want to throw-up, scream, close your eyes, get off the ride, your heart stops and everything else in between (sometimes all at once or sometimes just one at a time). The last couple years when it comes to external forces in our lives I have felt a lot more of the later than former. It's such a complex story most of the time we don't even try to tell it and if for some reason people ask we tell the somewhat happy uncomplicated version, so there are very few who know the whole ordeal. I've gotten to the point right after the scary part has happened on the rollercoaster, I'm starting to breathe again. Which is wonderful to do, and to know things are getting better. But then again just like any roller coaster there are usually several parts where your heart stops, and sometimes you don't know when the ride is going to be over. Well we have gone through a couple heart stopping moments when it comes to our endeavors so hopefully we have some calm for awhile. Now to the point of all this. I'm just greatful my hubby has been sitting next to me the whole time and was the person I could grab onto their arm and close my eyes and not watch while the cart plummets to the ground or does a loop and is there when it's going up and we know something exciting is going to happen. He's been the glue for our family! He's been the one that always looked on the bright side and calmed my fears and let me know that just because we had been betrayed so badly by someone that it doesn't give me an excuse to give up on all humanity. He's been my rock, especially on days when I was ready to call it quits. The best thing about him is he was willing to throw everything away that he had worked so hard on (which created our heartaches and our joys) just to make me happy. But how can you tell the person you love to stop doing what makes them happy just for your own happiness. I don't know if I'd choose the same rollercoaster if I had the choice and knew what it was going to be like, but we would have had to choose another one with it's own loops and drops. I know most of you won't care about this blog, but often times we let things go unspoken for too long. So I just want to say thanks to him. He has put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to making things work for our family and I appreciate it. Life has been a rollercoaster for us (and I'm sure it will continue to be, because isn't that what life is all about?), but I'm just glad I have him sitting in the cart next to me.


Gary Freedman said...

I'm glad I'm single.

Jeremy said...

Oh, but the hightimes make me glad I am not single. The greatest thing is knowing that someone you love and care for is sitting right there next to you. That you never have to go throught it alone. I am glad I am not single. To my little bug, Thanks. It means alot to have you say that in such a public forum.

- Thank you