Thursday, November 03, 2005

Why do I even try

Today was one of those days that I wondered why I try to make meals for my toddler. I decided I would be a good mother and actually make my son lunch. Often times it's just so much easier to let him munch on things throughout the day (not always bad stuff, like fruit, tortillas, lunch meat, etc.), then deal with the fight I had today. I made him a grilled cheese sandwich, and all he wanted was chips and juice (not real juice, a capri sun). I told him he had to have some of his sandwich before he could have either, and that's where the crying began. It lasted for 20 plus minutes, with different attempts on my part to get the crying to stop. We tried Sesame Street, didn't work. We tried just skipping lunch, and that didn't work. We tried a time out, didn't work. We tried just snuggling, didn't work. Finally some how I got him to take a little bite of his sandwich, after which I got him the juice I promised him. Even after the juice the crying continued. He wanted Elmo, which he was 10 minutes too late, it had already ended. So we eneded up watching Diego, and I got him to eat half a sandwich, some chips and juice. It would have been easier to let him just snack, but at least I stood my ground and he ate some of the lunch I made him. That doesn't make me that bad of the a mother, right?

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