Monday, November 28, 2005

Getting what we want out of life

For the past several years we have been living in an area we don't really like. We have looked forward to the day that we would move. It still hasn't come and it will still be a while. After being here for 3 years we have started to take a more active part in things. It's amazing the difference that has made. Instead of feeling that people are so clicky and could care less about us, we have started to create our own group, I wouldn't call it a click, because new people are always joining the circle. It all started with me being fed up and sick of how unfriendly and non-active people were (or I guess if they were it didn't include us). So my hubby and I decided that in order for things to change we had to be the ones to do it! Not much gets done just complaining, so we took action (although I would love it if someone else took the lead and would invite us to do something, but maybe those type of people don't live around here and they are much like us and sit and wait for someone to call to do something). A couple months ago we decided to start a recipe a club. We invited a few families that have kids around the same age as ours, and we had a good time. Each month we get together at someones house and we choose a theme like appetizers and everyone brings one and the recipe for people to try. So we have had two so far and they have gone well. We've had different people show up each time and talk of inviting others the next time. Just by starting this and getting to know others it has improved our experience here and we enjoy it more than we have in 3 years. I'm not saying I want to live here forever but at least I can start to enjoy it until we can move on, instead of dreading it. We get out of an experience what we put into it.

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Stephanie said...

I agree totally.

Although, sometimes, I too wish someone else would make the first move.