Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My handsome princess

Last night we went over to some friends house to visit and let the kids play. They have 3 girls and 1 boy who is S's age. So needless to say their house is filled with girl toys and dress-up things. Stirling had a ball! He had fun playing dress-up. He put on a nice pink and purple princess dress and a crown! Should I be concerned? I think he'll be a very understanding boy when it comes to the opposite sex, or at least I hope! There isn't anything wrong with a boy wanting to play with toys geared towards girls. If girls play with toys geared towards boys they are a tom boy and people are ok with that. But why is that our society automatically thinks if it's the other way around, that there is something wrong with the boy? Don't get me wrong my son likes to play with toys for boys too, just as much as ones for girls. But I think because he isn't around those type of toys often (or at least yet since his sister isn't old enough to have too many toys) it's kind of special treat to play with new toys! So all I have to say is let your kid be a kid and have fun with all types of toys there is no harm in that!

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Anonymous said...

Oh My! Well I think that boys will be boys and girls will be girls, but in my house I would have to draw the line. Now that I read this I am going to buy my boys hunting gear, even if they aren't old enough to hunt. -Troy