Saturday, September 04, 2010

30 Day Project - Day 4

Our family along with two others do a babysitting co-op on Saturdays. We each take turns watching all the kids (10 of them to be exact, ranging from 1-8 years old) for a four hour chunk of time. Which means often times when it's your turn it's a crazy 4 hours, but that means you get 8 hours of free babysitting during the month. So definitely worth the craziness that might come for the freedom you get. Since there are so many kids and we have some picky eaters, it's usually something like pizza or mac and cheese for dinner when it's at our house. Today we had pizza for dinner and breadsticks. Earlier this week Papa Murphy's had a customer appreciation week, and had their large pepperoni pizzas for $3.99, and I heard they froze well. So we bought 3 pizzas and put them in the freezer. We used two of those tonight with plenty of leftovers. And since we bought them in August, I didn't have to take any money out for my September budget.

So for this month, I have spent $20.05

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Cori said...

love those breadsticks!!