Thursday, September 16, 2010

30 Day Project - Day 16

Today for dinner we are having enchiladas. A while back I was asked if I would be willing to have a freezer meal in my freezer ready just in case someone in our area got sick or needed help and needed a meal. So I made several pans of enchiladas to have ready, since I had most of the stuff I needed to make it anyway. Well I have yet to be called and they need to be eaten, so I got one out and let it thaw and am going to cook it for dinner tonight.

I also went shopping today, again! I didn't have enough time to hit the last store I needed and it's only a few minutes away and they usually stock well for sales, so I wasn't concerned about getting there the first day.

3 Onion soup mix packets - $1
4.4 lbs. Ground Beef - $7.85
Celery - $0.97
Total $9.82 (I bought some other things to stock up on so I wasn't sure the exact total)

Total left for the month $30.74

The store I went to today had Quaker granola bars on sale for $0.98, so I stocked up and bought 15 boxes. Since I almost always pack my child's lunch, fruit snacks and granola bars are nice to have around to toss in there on occasion. I'm planning on not using them until after the project, I have them kind of hidden in my storage room, so hopefully the kids won't say anything, or I can talk them out of it. If I do use any I'll subtract what I use.

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