Wednesday, September 15, 2010

30 Day Project - Day 15

Today for dinner we are going to our friends house. One of the nice things about inviting people over to dinner, like we did on Sunday, the action is often reciprocated.
But I did go shopping today, which means less in my budget for the rest of the month.

3 Gallons of Milk - $5
4.68 lbs. of Bananas - $1.78
2 lbs. of Mini Carrots - $2
Sour Cream - $1.38
Applesauce - $1
Sugar - $1 (I only needed a tiny to last me the rest of the month, so I went to the dollar store)

Total Spent with tax - $12.24
Total left for the month - $40.56

I'm going to do a little more shopping this week at another store. They have the hamburger I need on sale! After this trip it should be my last besides for staples like milk and produce, but we'll see if I can make what we have last.

Also there were some really good deals this week, which mean I spent money outside of the $100 for my food storage. Here's what I did.

7 Gain dish soap - Free
3 Johnson EZ grip soap - Free

Grocery store
16 Fruit Snacks - $0.75 each
16 boxes of cereal (trix, reese, multi-grain cheerios, apple cinnamon cheerios, ect. ) - various prices
Total spent - $31.43, averages around $1 per item

I'm almost half way there!

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