Monday, June 12, 2006

Recipe Monday

This is for all you moms out there or people who are just young at heart.

1 gallon distilled water (minus 1 cup)
1/2 cup concentrated dishwashing liquid (Joy or Dawn)
1/4 cup glycerin (I had to get this at the pharmacy)

Mix together gently as not to form too many suds. The longer it sits the stronger the bubbles get. Have fun!


melnel said...

How do you get such cool ideas?

Heather said...

I'll have to give that a try. My kids can't get enough bubbles and would love to make their own!

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

Fun. Thanks. And love your blog's title by the way. I just discovered it and will be checking back.


Lotta said...

Sadly my recipe.

Drive to Walgreens.
Buy multiple bottles of bubbles.
Look back to see child pouring out bubbles into kiddy pool.
Hose down yard.
Head back to Walgreens.