Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I hate cookies!

I'll start this off by saying, I feel pretty confident my cooking abilites and have been told I'm a pretty good cook. This weekend on the other hand begs to differ.
A week ago several ladies at church were asked to make 12 - 5 inch chocolate chip cookies for all the men for Father's Day on sunday. I graciously volunteered, since from experience I've learned there is a lack of willingness to do so. I thought no big deal I make them Friday and drop them off at a friend's house, who was also making some cookies. We were to drop them off Saturday, but there was a big extended family reunion Saturday and I wouldn't be around. I decided to start bright and early about 8 AM with my baking adventures, and that's what it ended up being. I started off trying to make huge 5 inch cookies that ended up having to bake FOREVER, but still didn't turn out, so I thought I'd try my normal size cookies, and I'd just put two in package together. After about 6 hours of baking and 3 different recipes, I barely had the amount I needed. Things were going drastically wrong. When I called and told the hubby that I had thrown away so many cookies, he told me to save some for the guys at work. I'm usually pretty particular about stuff that I make that I give to people so he thought this was one of them, but when he came home he threw away all my cookies!!! What had happened to my cooking skills? Was I doing something wrong? I thought it was the recipe but then I made two more different ones. I probably should have stuck with recipes I had made before. I thought maybe it was my baking soda and it was working, since all my cookies ended up really flat, so i put some in the bowl of vinegar and it bubbled away, so I thought it must be fine. Who know, maybe I am a bad cook. Although I've been wondering for the last several months if my oven temperature is incorrect, because when I bake banana bread, I have to bake it longer and it still has a spot right in the middle top that is still a little gooey and the bottom still gets over done. Needless to say I was REALLY frustarted at the end of the day and questioned my skills in the kitchen. I think it will be a long time before I make cookies again, at least chocolate chip.


dustin said...

That's funny because your hubby is always saying how much he likes cookies. I've tasted your cooking before and it was great, didn't taste like burnt cookies at all.

The Hubby said...

I think the guys here at the office are really sad that you will not be providing them with your devine cookie goodness anymore. They might just die.

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

some days are just off days when it comes to cooking. don't retire your spatula. sounds like you have quite a cookie following.


melnel said...

That must have been SO frustrating! I just go with the frosen cookie dough when I need cookies, so you're already a far cry ahead of me! :)

I know growing up when our oven was "on its last leg" it made baking a NIGHTMARE, pretty near impossible.