Thursday, June 01, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes

Stir Fry has said some comical things lately.
He likes to prolong bed time as long as possible. Sometimes he'll ask where a specific toy is that he wants to take to bed with us, knowing exactly where it is but pretending he doesn't, so we have to go on a search for it. That usually last a few minutes and then he'll walk to the exactly location pretending to be surprised that he found it. The other night to do so, he said he wanted a toy out of his toy box. He probably wasn't sure which one, but new if he was able to go through it would get a coulple extra minutes, but the hubby said no. The hubby is the one that usually puts him to bed at night and helps him with his routine of going to the bathroom, brushing his teeth, saying his prayers, etc. So they were up in his room and time for prayer time, he still needs help saying it for the most part. This time he wanted to do it himself, in the prayer he said "please bless that I get my toy out of the toy box". Well his prayer came true and after him saying that in the prayer the hubby couldn't resist letting him get it.
The hubby often grows out his facial hair since it grows so fast. He had a little over a weeks worth a growth and this morning Stir Fry told him to "take it off".
Also this morning while I was gone walking with some friends, Boo was getting her diaper changed by daddy and Stir Fry asked if Boo had a penis, the hubby said no, then he asked if Big Bird had a penis, to which he responded he needed to ask mommy.


melnel said...

You shure have one cute boy. And what a silly husband passing the Big Bird buck on to you! :)

Kilted Wolf said...


In truth I told him to ask big birds mom. But both are still good.

The Hubby.

Heather said...

Don't you just love how diks will do anything to stay up later, even if it's just for one or two minutes!!! The questions are always fun. And I never know quite how to deal with them and am never prepared!

Heather said...

sorry, I meant -kids- my typing has never been very good!!! I know, I know, I should read it before I publish it!