Tuesday, June 06, 2006

For the ladies

Just a warning if you are guy you probably want to stop reading now, if you don't and get uncomfortable don't say I didn't warn you and it's your own flaut.
I just recently started my second "time of the month" since the birth of Boo 10 months ago. I'm still nursing, and was hoping that would wait until I stopped, like it did with Stir Fry. Well I had to go to the store yesterday and make some purchases of femine hygiene products. I haven't done this since before Stir Fry was born, so for about 4 years. I had enough stuff to cover me between pregnancy and post partum, but now was the time to restock since the lovely "friend" seems to be coming back on a some what regular basis. What an experience!!!! I had both the kids with me, which made it even funner. I felt like I was buying the stuff for the first time ever. It had been 4 years, packaging is different, new things are out, etc. I was there for probably about 30 minutes just looking and thinking what do I do, do I just go with the cheapest, do I go with the prettiest, do I go with the brand I went with before (which wasn't consistant), the questions were endless. Women came and went, got their supplies and left, with me still with and empty cart. I had no idea what do to. They are just going to be ruined anyway, so why not go with the cheapest, but then what if they don't "perform" as well? I was so confused, in ways I wish I had my mom there or an experienced friend to give me some advice to help me make such and "important" decision. Why must there be so many choices? Stir Fry had fun pushing all the boxes of the product as far back as they would go, which then made it harder for me to see my option (both good at bad, good I had fewer choice, bad because I might be missing out on the "best" stuff). Why must "they" make it so hard to be a girl?


melnel said...

lol! I like this post. Guys just don't understand.

As far as the top 5, that was top 5, that was JUST 5. I do check your site everyday at least twice to see if you've posted. And even if you didn't make the 5 list, you made the best friend reference under childhood haunts. :)

Heather said...

I know what you mean. My "friend" didn't visit me until my daughter had turned 14 months and I remember feeling as lost as you did!!!!

Stephanie said...

Yep. I can relate there.