Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Perfect Mother

I was reading another blog the other day about someone talking about not feeling like she was a good enough mother, or the type of mother she thought she would be. It made me think of a TV show I saw a while ago. A few weeks ago I was watching Yes, Dear while I was waiting for my kids to get up from naps. For those you who haven't seen this show, it is about two families. One sister and husband and kids who are well off and her sister and her husband and kids who live in their backyard in her sister's guest house. Now they have two completely different parenting styles. The ones living in the guest house are laid back and easy going parents, while the others are hard nose, by the book, everything needs to be perfect parents. Well at times the sister that lives in the guest house feels inadiquit as a mother, because her sister is "super-mom". In this particular episode, the sister who lives in the guest house gets a job as her brother-in-law's assistant. I know there is a lot to follow when it comes to who is who. Well anyway, she got the job because his old assistants never lasted long before they quit. The first day on the job, her sister calls to see how things are going, and then asks her to do somethings for her sons school, like getting fliers for a field trip done, because they have nicer paper and a good copier, etc. Well this continues to happen every day and the one sister has do slack on her job because she is being asked to do so much by her sister, who helped get her the job, so there is some sense of a need to make her happy. Well to the point, this ends up coming up in front of all the husbands and sisters that the one can't do her job well because the other keeps on having her do things. Well turns out that all the other assistants kept quiting because of the guys wife and her using his assistant as her own. Why do I write about this? I think that all those mother's we see that look like they have everything going and can do everything, really have something they are hiding. Heck if I had an assistant I could get a lot more things done. So as mothers let just be happy we are doing our best and assume that with all those so called perfect mothers out there, they really have some things to hide. Or at least for me thinking that it makes me feel better at the job I'm trying to do


Kilted Wolf said...

I always find it funny how the women in my life are comparing them selves to other women. I find that they are doing as good as if not better jobs as mom's then those the hold to such high esteem. I think you are a great mother and wonderful wife. Most of your friends fall in that same category. So keep u the good work. Some day you will see what I see.

- The hubby.

RGLHM said...

I heard a real story like that recently. One mom had a totally clean house all the time. It made her circle of friends feel terrible. Turns out she had a housekeeper which she HID from all of them. How funny. Some times moms who do it all don't do anything for themselves. It don't know how long that can last though. I'm just always trying to find the balance.