Monday, January 23, 2006


Well we have been working on potty training S for the last several weeks. I didn't know if we were making any progress. Especially since last week, we did a lot of running around and going to friends houses, which we put him in a pull-up whe we do, because when he is around people he forgets about all else. Well after days of being in pull-ups or diapers and not really doing the underwear/potty thing, Saturday he finally came up to us and told us he had to go potty. And he has done it almost every time since then, when we are home. So I feel like there is some success! Today when we were out he actually told me he had to go twice, but I think bathrooms outside of our own at our house, with his Ernie and Elmo potty seat on him, kind of intimidate him. So I guess the next thing we need to work on is using the toilet when we are in public. But I feel good about the progress, and no longer feel like giving up on it. Although the last several days in the morning when he gets up and is still tired, he fights me to take his diaper off to put underwear. I don't know why he screams and says "No! Diaper!" Meaning he doesn't want me to take it off and to keep a diaper on or to put a new one back on. Is this normal?


Stephanie said...

I usually ask E in the morning what he wants. Going to the toilet is mandatory-- no choice there, but then I ask, do you want a pull-up or underwear? He usually wants underwear, but sometimes he wants a pullup. He's much happier though, when he feels like he's in control.

And can you take that seat with you? I've seen people do that.

RGLHM said...

CONGRATS!!! I am happy for you. Gives me the courage to try again b/c I just keep her in pull-ups and not worry about it. Kids are weird. Is there such thing as normal??

melnel said...

Where did you go, blogger friend?