Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to Normal

Well we are back home from our holiday vacation in Seattle. We had a good time and it was nice to have help with the kids at almost all hours of the day. We had a better Christmas than expected, or at least the kids did. I had a reminder of something I've always know, but I guess had kind of forgotten. Often times it's the small and simple gifts that are appreciated the most. Last minute we got S something fairly cheap, and it was by far his favorite present. We got him a nice gift that was more expensive, but this was something he said he wanted, but we kind of blew off. Last minute we decided to get him a cheap version of it and he loved it. He loved it! I had a hard time, at times, feeling bad that we couldn't have the type of Christmas his cousins had. We could only afford to give gifts to the kids, and none to each other. Someone asked me what I got for Christmas, after hearing her list of all the nice things she got, and try as I might, I had a hard time not having a pitty party for myself, because the hubby and I just got a $5 movie and that's it. I had no right to feel this way. After all I was home with family and where I wanted to be, and most importantly S loved his Christmas even though he didn't score as many gifts as some others. It was great to be home and made me miss and dread coming back here, once again. I want so badly to be home, but there isn't anything I can do! It's nice though to back in our own place. Don't get me wrong I loved having my parents and brother around to help with the kids, but after a while it gets hard on the kids and me I guess. I don't like having to share of room with my baby. Sound horrible maybe you some of you, but my kids are loud sleepers, they toss and turn and grunt. I always try after they are born and we come home for the first time, and have them in our room, but it usually only last a couple days. Although if we were home she might be in our room anyway since she is and was sick, and often times slept in our bed, which we never do! I know this one was really random, just a bunch of thoughts I have scattered together.

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Stephanie said...

The Christmas gifts, they be overrated. E likes to open packages-- he was actually excited to get socks! BUt in the end he really is only enjoying the one big gift we got him. (The trains...)

And also, I hate sharing a room with the babies. They seem to wake up more when I am in the room-- or rather I hear them more.

I hear ya. It's nice to go "home" but it's good to get back home too.