Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Blogging Issues

Well do any of you ever have these problems? During the day you come up with something you think would be interesting to blog about, and part of you thinks you should blog it now so you don't forget, and the other part of you thinks, there is no way you'll forget. Well something always comes up and I don't do it then, and what happens, I forget!!! I hate that! Then it leaves me trying to think of something as interesting to blog about, which is tough and sometimes doesn't happen.
On a side note I'm still working on potty training S, which is going alright I guess. We don't have accidents at home. We are still working on trusting him while we are out. He gets so pre-occupied in things and with other kids, if we ask if he has to go he'll never say yes, unless the other kid has to go then we might stand a chance. So besides having being a stay at home mom, I decided to potty train my son and take more time out of my day on him. So that is my excuse for the lack of blogging and the interesting stories.


RGLHM said...

At the beginning I was doing it all the time. I was consummed with blogging b/c of my fear of forgetting. But I just let it go. Thanks for your thoughts on potty training. I don't know if I'm ever going to be ready for this change b/c it is wearing me out...I need to put a plan in place to counterbalance the insanity I am feeling.

RGLHM said...
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Stephanie said...

Yes, I have those problems too.

melnel said...

I've had to start a few draft posts on topics I want to talk about that I don't have time to write about. But I realize that that's easy for me since I sit at a computer with instant hispeed internet access all day, so it might not be a help for others who would have to dial up.
You could revert to the writing on the hand remembering technique. :)