Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Baby Hair

I like the fact that I now have a baby girl and can do her hair. Since I grew up in a house of brothers I never got the chance to play "beauty parlor" or just do the hair of a sister. I guess often times girls play with their mother's hair, but my mom has always had short hair. I was happy when my baby girl came out with a head full of hair. She wasn't one of those babies that came out looking like they need a hair cut (not saying there is anything wrong with that), but she came out with enough hair to tell what color it was and then some. On top it was probably at least a inch to an inch and a half in some areas, and the sides were shorter and the back of her neck was fuller. Any way enough with that. After she was born and got all cleaned up, they brought her back to me with a curled mohawk on the top of her head, which left me kind of excited that I had some hair to work with. I quickly found out she had some body to her hair and that I could get the top of her hair to go into a bunch of curls, that stood straight up since it wasn't long enough to lay down. I learned from a friend how to make my own hair bows that are attached to elastic to make headbands. For Christmas we got B some baby barrets, since her hair in front is getting long enough to comb over and barret, which I think is cute. Well on Christmas day I was getting her ready for church and went to curl her hair on top and then put a barret in the front. I hadn't done this in weeks! To my surprise, she had lost a lot of hair! I didn't think I'd be dealing with this issue again at 5 months, I thought that had come and gone along with some of the other newborn issues. I was a little disappointed, I don't know why, and I shouldn't have been. It's funny because on the top of her head where she had lost her hair, she has a few pieces that are about 3 inches long. Why didn't those one fall out? I shouldn't be complaining because a lot of babies don't have hair when they are born (well I know they do, but it's just fuzz) and don't get a good amount until close to their first b-day. A friend of mine has a little girl who is a year and a half, and when I was over there a few weeks ago, I realized that her daughter had just a little more hair than B did when she was born, of course hers is a little thicker, since she is older and doesn't have that bold spot that B wore off from turning her head from side to side (which I'm glad to say is finally getting hair back). But now that I think about it, I guess there is a little bit of fear on my part that having a girl, I won't be a as creative as I should be with her hair, since I didn't have the opportunities many girls have growing up. Oh well, for now, I'll just be happy that my baby has hair, and for that matter has more hair than most babies her age, or at least the ones I know and more hair than a lot of the babies older than her that I know. At least I have hair to work with I guess.

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