Monday, December 12, 2005

Mama S

Well this weekend we went to a family Christmas party. There was a small gift exchange between the little kids. The people who had S's name were very late, so he was stuck with out a present. How do you explain that to a 2 and a half year old? So we let him play with B's present which was a baby, that she isn't old enough to play with. So was content with that for awhile. His present eventually came, which made him happy. Well we got home and brought the toys in the house. He's been playing with the baby as much as he has with the tools he got. Well this morning S was watching TV with the baby by his side. When B got out of bed I changed both S's and B's diaper and was getting ready to feed B. She is now 4 months old, so S has seen be breastfeed countless of times. Well he said his baby was hungry and unzipped his pj's and attempted to nurse the baby. That is the first time he has tried to nurse a baby, which in ways I'm surprised he hasn't done it earlier, since he sees me do it several times a day. I thought it was really funny and laughed so hard I almost started crying. Have any of you mom's had anything like this happen before.


Stephanie said...

oh yes.

Once I heard S crying and I came in to see her lying on her back on a bunch of toys while E had his shirt up trying to get her to "nurse."

Daring Young Dad said...

Yeah, our 2-yr-old laylee likes to "nurse" her stuffed duck. So cute!

Marie said...

As I've been following your blog, I keep seeing "Stephanie" making great and/or funny comments... a Stephanie that I noticed say she grew up in Kirkland. So Stephanie, what's your maiden name? I keep guessing who you are, but I haven't gotten enough solid clues?? :)