Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas Trees

Or should I say Holiday Trees? I don't know if any of you feel the same way I do, but I think this is a bunch of crap. Some people take this PC thing way to far. How does changing it to Holiday Tree really make things better? Do people really put up a tree and not celebrate Christmas? And besides, I bet there are tons of Americans who celebrate Christmas, but not the religious part of it. They celebrate the toys and goodies and the santa part of it, and not the birth of Christ our Savior. So in my opinion you should be getting mad about places having a tree in general, not what it is called. Excuse me if I'm being ignorant and there are people out there that get a "Holiday Tree" and not celebrate Christmas, I just don't know of any (but doesn't mean they exist). If it's about the fact that you don't celebrate Christmas and don't want anything to do with it, well that's just not going to happen. Stores are always going to make a big hoopla out of Christmas, whether they celebrate or not, it's about the money. Cities put up lights on their main street, have horse and carriages, it screams Christmas everywhere you go. People are forgetting what this country was founded on, Religion. People came here for religious freedom and to be able to worship God in the way they pleased. This country was founded on a belief in God. After all our money says "In God We Trust". I wonder what our fore-fathers would think of all of this? I find myself to be a pretty tolerant person, but Holiday Tree? I just don't understand it. There are so many things, in my opinion, that would be more beneficial putting your time and effort to fight for. What about child abuse? Alcoholism? Drug abuse? If we put our effort in fighting for these things our country would be a far better place, than if we were to fight for the Holiday Tree. I know people say you aren't suppose to mix religion and government, but I think this is more about what holiday the majority of the America celebrates. I would be supportive if the majority changed and other holidays were celebrated that I didn't celebrate. Next thing you know we won't celebrate Thanksgiving, even though that really doesn't have to do much with religion. I don't think we can come to an agreement which everyone will like, so what do you? Please the majority or the minority? It'll always be a Christmas Tree to me!

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Stephanie said...

Well, there are plenty of people who celebrate "Christmas" as it were, but who do not believe in Christ, or even God for that matter.

They just like the tradition.

ANd the gifts.