Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Little different than the norm

I grew up with two things very different than most of my friends, and there wasn't much I could do about it, or willing to do about it. 1) I am left handed. Which means my handwriting is not as nice as most, I wish it were, and I thought about trying harder and that only last for a few minutes and I think that saving time is better than making it look pretty. 2) I have curly hair. I always hated it for the most part. Some people with curly hair and just blow dry it and ta-da it's straight. Mine takes a little or a lot longer to get straight with out being poofy or frizzy. So needless to say I don't do my hair straight often. As a kid I wished I had straight hair like everyone else. It was so pretty and easy to maintain. Often times I wished I was right handed, just because that meant I would probably have nicer handwriting. I've come to accept both. I don't hate my hair any more, but I don't love it. I wish my handwriting was nicer (I have met a few lefties with nice handwriting). Why is it that as kids we dislike these things? Maybe because we are taught from all different places it's not good to be different. My little girl looks like she might have some curls in her hair and that makes me excited. Why? I hated my hair as a kid, so why am I excited about something I disliked as a child? She also tends to favor her left when it comes to grabbing things and trying to roll over, and that makes me happy too. Yet again, why? Maybe it's because that means she is like me. It's hard for me to see in my children who they look like, so maybe that gives me some comfort that they are mine, even though I carried them for over 9 months, who else's could they be? I love my mom and love the fact that people say I look like her and I remind them of her. So maybe I would like that same flattery for my daughter, and hope she thinks it is as much of a compliment as I do. I hope I can teach her it's ok to be a little different and especially when it comes to the hair, deep down most of the straight hair people really wished they had our curls any way.

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