Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I've seen it all

When it comes to stupid things people do to their cars, I thought that I've seen it all, but I was wrong. Some concepts I don't quiet get, and I myself don't think they look good, but can understand when they are done right why people think they do. One for example, fins on the back of your car. Now when it matches the color of your car and not feet above the trunk it's ok and I can see how people find it attractive. Big HUGE silver ones, I don't really understand why that looks good. But what my husband and I saw this weekend would make that look beautiful. Now where is your camera when you need, of coarse not on you. I wish I could have gotten a picture for you guys to see, but since I didn't you'll have to try to imagine it and I'll try my best to describe it. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it! So this car next to us had a fin on it like I've NEVER seen before and probably never will see again. It was made out of 2x4's and plywood, that's right all constructed out of good old wood, heck he might have even used wood glue to attach it to her car! ;) It was probably at least 18 inches from the trunk of the car to the top if not 2 feet, so it was hard to miss. It wasn't painted, just all natural wood, no finish no nothing. So I hope you can get a good picture of how horrible this looked. What in the world was this person thinking when they put this on their car, let alone made it? Why would someone even think this looked good? I guess it could have been someone who wanted a fin on their car and couldn't afford the nice kind and thought, hey I can put one together with the extra wood I have laying around (mind you it didn't even look that good). You must want one pretty bad to have to put this crappy looking thing on your car for all to see. All I have to say is TACKY, enough said.


Stephanie said...

Yeah, that sounds gross.

melnel said...

lol. That brought quite a picture to my mind. :)

dustin said...

My concern would be that something like that would be dangerous and fly apart in the
wind. It could hit some pedestrian or my windshield, that could ruin my day!