Friday, April 07, 2006


The world is no longer against me, or at least last night it wasn't. Last night was the first time since I think about December that my little baby, B slept decent. She only got up ONCE! So I got up once with B and once with S because he was crying, which he does every once in awhile I don't know if it's bad dreams or a limb fall asleep, but all he needs is for us to go in and tuck him back in and he's good. Now only if I didn't toss and turn all night. Hopefully last night was the start of a new sleeping pattern for B. Her second tooth popped out today and hopefully she'll be feeling better. I think she's a horrible teething, at least compared to S who never showed any signs of it bothering him for the most part. So wish all of us luck tonight and pray that tonight is as good as last if not better.

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Emily said...

great job B!!!

happy for you all :)